Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January 4 2013
The Afterbirth show at Sweatshop Gallery in Omaha Nebraska

Our concept for Afterbirth was to create an interactive installation of our passions and inspirations.
We also had the pleasure of working with performance artist Koneko (New York) on this project.
Sweatshop allowed us to use both rooms of the gallery.

Koneko's piece was on the minimal side in which he portrayed an alien in a primal Jurassic world which he was not from. Throughout the performance many attendee's who came participated in helping Koneko build odd shaped sculptures from the mounds of crystals he had in a pile.

The Church of Tomorrow created a "church" in the gallery upstairs.
This room was filled wall to wall with tinsel garland, glitter, vintage male porno, stuffed animals over-sized building blocks and children's bedsheets used as wallpaper.

The idea for this projects was to consume the viewer with an overload of the senses. We had flashing lights, Italo Disco music and a whole lot of incense burning.

The Church of Tomorrow also did a music performance under their band name The Untitled Tilda Swinton Project.

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